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At The Billups Center, we successfully treat sexual health conditions. Sexual health conditions include Erectile Dysfunction, Low Testosterone, and penile curvature or Peyronie's Disease. Our area of expertise and specialty is treating these conditions...

Billups Center Intro
Billups Center Intro
Talking About ED Is No Longer Taboo
Talking About ED Is No Longer Taboo
Treating ED with Lifestyle Changes Vs. Pills
Treating ED with Lifestyle Changes Vs. Pills
Nutrition Is Often Our First Treatment
Nutrition Is Often Our First Treatment
We Work Closely with Our Partners
We Work Closely with Our Partners
What Is “Sexual Medicine’?
What Is “Sexual Medicine’?


GUY·ne·col·o·gy™ [ɡīnəˈkäləjē/]
Noun: the specialty practice of physiology and medicine that deals with the overall health, wellness, and diseases specific to men. Emphasis is placed on identifying those underlying causes that lead to signs and symptoms affecting the reproductive system and related sexual dysfunction. Preventive medicine and wellness strategies to support the overall health and well-being of men throughout the lifespan is a critical component to the overall medical intervention.

About Men's Health

Sexual Medicine

Sexual Medicine is an important component of overall Men’s Health and is especially useful to engage men into proactive healthcare and educate men about chronic medical conditions that are major factors in premature death and suffering.

About Sexual Medicine

Sharing Our Vision With You

Our Vision

  • To help men live a longer, happier, more productive life by addressing common chronic medical conditions responsible for premature death and suffering
  • To empower men to make the personal choice to move from passive, acute crisis management to a more proactive approach focused on prevention, wellness, and early detection
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Our Mission

  • To become leaders in Men’s Health in the Greater Nashville community by looking at the whole man and working closely with like-minded specialists and primary care providers.
  • To leverage sexual health concerns to engage men to proactively address chronic medical conditions.
  • To be a resource for healthcare providers to refer men with sexual health concerns for comprehensive evaluation and treatment.
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Kevin L. Billups, M.D.

Founder & Medical Director

Dr. Kevin Billups is the founder and Medical Director of The Billups Center. He is a pioneering urologist who has focused on Men’s Health and Sexual Medicine for the past 25 years. His goal is to help men in all communities live longer and healthier lives through an innovative approach to clinical care in Men’s Health.

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Ken Mitchell, MPAS, PA-C

Co-Founder & Head APP

Ken Mitchell is a certified Physician Assistant who brings over 25 years of clinical experience to The Billups Center, including over 15 years’ experience in erectile dysfunction (ED) and sexual dysfunction. Ken’s area of specialization has been with patients with ED related to radical prostatectomy (Robotic and Open).

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