The Why, How and What Behind The Billups Center

The Billups Center is a clinical practice started by Kevin L. Billups, MD with Kenneth Mitchell, MPAS, PA-C. We each have over 25 years of clinical and research experience in the area of Men’s Health. We believe that men in the US and worldwide often receive inadequate medical management for chronic medical conditions such as diabetes, ischemic heart disease and hypertension. At The Billups Center, our practice is entirely focused on Men’s Health and follows a specific comprehensive approach to care for the whole man. We use sexual health concerns to educate, engage and empower men to pursue our detailed evaluation process.

Our Core Beliefs and Purpose

  • To help men live a longer, happier, more productive life by addressing common chronic medical conditions responsible for premature death and suffering
  • To empower men to make the personal choice to move from passive, acute crisis management to a more proactive approach focused on prevention, wellness, and early detection
  • To identify, evaluate and treat the root cause of chronic medical problems
  • To support men to take charge and manage their own health in a rational, responsible manner
  • To focus on modifiable behavioral risks, such as nutrition, exercise training, sleep hygiene and chronic anxiety/stress, as a critical component of our overall treatment strategy

How We Accomplish Our Goals

  • Use sexual health concerns (particularly erectile dysfunction, low testosterone and Peyronie’s Disease) to both engage men into the health system and facilitate an initial evaluation for chronic medical conditions
  • Utilize the fact that sexual health concerns can be an early manifestation and the first sign of undetected serious medical conditions (heart disease, hypertension, diabetes)
  • Offer to improve sexual performance as a motivating factor for a comprehensive medical evaluation and a platform to rework modifiable bad habits, including nutrition, exercise, sleep hygiene and chronic stress/anxiety

What We Do at The Billups Center

  • We are not a “Shot” clinic that focuses on injection treatments for Erectile Dysfunction or Low Testosterone
  • We follow a process, known as the Canary Guided Care Pathway, that delivers a comprehensive medical evaluation to provide individualized treatment that is evidence-based
  • Engage men in healthcare using symptoms associated with Sexual Medicine/Sexual Health concerns and educate men about the link between sexual health and chronic medical disease
  • Identify the underlying root medical causes for sexual health issues
  • Facilitate management and referral to partner healthcare providers for treatment of any associated chronic medical conditions
  • Treat the sexual health condition as part of an overall management strategy
  • Become an integral part of the long-term cycle of care for men seen in our Men’s Health practice