“One of the groups that I’m very excited about working with are Colorectal surgeons. And it’s interesting. This is something that probably should have been more apparent to me a long time ago, but if you look at the surgeries that the Colorectal surgeons do, they can impact the nerves that cause erections in very similar ways to what we do when we take a prostate out. Many of their men who have bowel surgery or rectal surgery can develop erectile dysfunction. Especially if they’ve had any ED before the surgery, the surgery can make it worse or they can develop it after the surgery.

I was actually at a meeting. It was an erectile dysfunction meeting and there was a Colorectal surgeon who was there and so I just said, ‘Hey, what are you doing here? What are you thinking about?’ And when we started talking I said, ‘Boy,’ I said, ‘A lot of your men probably have erectile dysfunction.’ He said, ‘Yes, they really do.’ So we just started talking and we struck up a great relationship and I’ve gotten a lot of referrals along that pathway.

And certainly, if I pick up any erectile cancer problem with that, I would send into them. But, I think for the Colorectal surgeons, erectile dysfunction is a very common problem that they can face after their surgeries. So I think for them it’s very nice to have a place where you can send the patient to have this issue addressed. So that’s another very pertinent and relevant referral pattern that we hope to get to know the Colorectal surgeons here in Nashville at Precision Men’s Health.”