“So post-prostatectomy, we know that men can have problems with incontinence and they can have problems with erectile dysfunction. I’m really fortunate to have Ken Mitchell, who’s the PA who’s here with me. Ken developed really one of the leading penile rehabilitation programs for post-prostatectomy surgery and he’s gotten great results in working with these men.

So one of the things that we really want to offer the Urology community here is when you’ve done the surgery. If you’re looking for somebody to help manage the post-prostatectomy problems with erections, incontinence. I’m talking about the non-surgical approaches, because I know that if they need an implant, then the practice will probably want to do that. But just for the rehabilitation phase, we are actually very well set up to do that. And that’s an area where I think, where I believe that there’s a lot of room for exchange and working together.”