“Testosterone is the male hormone, the primary male hormone. For men, it helps us in terms of masculinity, for our reproductive organs, and deepening of the voice. It gets lower. Testosterone levels decline as we age. That’s one thing. It can decline as we age.

But there are other things that can cause testosterone to decline also. You can have, what we call a primary problem, which is a problem with the testes, actually, producing enough testosterone. And you can also have what we call secondary problems. So for example, say if you have diabetes, or if you’re overweight, even high blood pressure.

These can cause the body not to produce enough testosterone, but it’s a secondary problem because it’s more the signal that comes from the brain to the testes, to produce testosterone, is interfered with. So, many of the men I see, most of the men I see, they have what I call secondary hypogonadism or secondary testosterone problems. Which means that if you address, again some of these underlying issues, you can help to correct the low testosterone.”