“An important part of Men’s Health is really working with other providers in the community. One of the most important providers would be our Primary Care physicians, just because they’re really at the center of everything. They’re at the crossroads. They pick up a lot of these problems. So, I always say it’s a two-way street, because what I do on the Sexual Medicine end is something that. . . It’s not that they couldn’t do it, it’s just that they have a lot of other things to do. Our practice is focused on this. This is what we really are streamlined to do. So I found a lot of times they’re very happy to have a place where they can refer their patient to, to manage their, say, erectile dysfunction, low testosterone, some of the other Sexual Medicine conditions that we work with.

One of the things I always tell them is that we fully appreciate what they do as a Primary Care physician because I know, for instance, erectile dysfunction does not occur in a vacuum. So I fully understand that when I pick up, or if a patient has diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, if they aren’t managing these other conditions well, that my treatments are not going to be as effective.

And quite frankly, they may need to go on that injection when they could be on a pill. So, I am very, not only interested, but look forward to working closely with my Primary Care colleagues because, one, I know that if men come in to me first, I’m going to pick up things that will need referral to a Primary Care physician, and I also think that I can help them with some of the issues.

So, one of the things that we stress is just communication back and forth, and that has worked very well for me in the past when I was in Maryland and I’m looking forward to getting to know the Primary Care community here in Nashville.”